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To make it in this game you have to know what to do, how to do it, and when the doing should be done. Skyla McNeil sits at the head of every table because she knows what it takes to climb to the top as well as stay there. Young, beautiful, and living it up in the city of Atlanta Skyla McNeil is collecting all of her chips without a care in the world until she gets a phone call from someone she thought she’d buried a long time ago, her mother. Karen McNeil is in prison serving a life sentence for killing her husband. She has accepted her fate and conformed to life behind bars. The only thing she asks is that her daughter Skyla takes care of her drug-addicted sister. Skyla left Mississippi with no intention of returning but she is quickly reminded that family is like a drug habit you cannot shake. For the first time in years, Skyla is forced to face the past that she has been running from. A story filled with love, lust, and empty promises “Secrets of the Game” will take you on a never-ending emotional roller coaster. Can falling in love save Skyla? Or, will she be just another victim of the game?

Secrets of the Game (ebook)

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