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The gang is back, but this time they are coming harder than ever. Skyla has learned, the hard way, that all is fair in love and war. She also learned that just because a man tells you he loves you, that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold to wait on him to get his shit together. Pernell is still a married man, and when no signs of divorce linger, Skyla finally decides to throw up the deuces.Hearing that Skyla has made up her mind to leave was something Pernell would never be okay with. But seeing her with another man might push him over the edge. Back from the dead, Shelton is wreaking havoc on the city of Atlanta when he is released from the hospital, only to find out his wife is missing, and he’s left to be a single father to his son. Trying to fit back into your old life can be hard when everyone else has moved on and you’re still stuck in the past. Shelton soon finds that having his head constantly flooded with bad memories may prove to be worse than not knowing who you are at all. Family is family, and blood will always be thicker but when love is involved things can quickly become tricky.

Secrets of the Game 3 (ebooks)

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