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You For Christmas

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Chapter One


New York, New York

Early Morning

Four Days ‘til Christmas


This was a complete waste of time. I could’ve masturbated and enjoyed myself more than I had with… him. To be honest, I should have known his sex would match the rhythm he lacked while we were on the dance floor earlier, but despite my better judgment, I came home with him anyway.

Determined not to waste more time than I already had, I gently unwrapped his arms from around my body and slid out of his bed. Luckily my dress and heels weren’t too far away, and I could slip them on without making noise. I had almost made it to the door before he asked, “you leaving?”

“Um, yea, I have to be at the office pretty early.” Okay, so technically I lied since I hadn’t worked a traditional job in my whole life.

I walked back over and kissed his forehead before turning to leave again. “I hope that means I get to see you again.”

You mean you want me to waste my energy, twice? No, thank you. I flashed a quick smile before saying, “I’ll text you later.”

Kevin. I had only known him a few weeks and he was already suffocating me. Constantly texting, late night phone calls, and early good mornings. Not daring to show up alone, I decided to let Kevin take me to my father’s annual Toys for Tots Christmas Gala. He spent most of the night telling me everything he looked for in a woman, as if I had plans to measure up somehow.

Sadly, even going back to his house had proven to be useless. I had no plans of texting, calling, or even sending smoke signals in Kevin’s direction once I made it on the other side of his door. In fact, I was already searching my contacts for his name, so that I could block him. No man on earth should be that fine or possess so much down there, if he doesn’t know what to do with it.

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