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The Colonel I Crave is coming!

Yes, The Colonel I Crave is coming 12/06!!! Check out the synopsis and a little note below :)


After her dream of being a professional ballerina was shattered by an injury, Raven moved to the other side of the world with hopes of saving enough money to open a dance studio. Just when she thinks things are coming together an unexpected text sends her spiraling. Needing a weekend away from reality, Raven books a solo trip to Dubai. However, running into the soldier who had been making her life a living hell wasn’t on the itinerary. What will Raven do when the only man who raises her temperature in every way possible challenges her to spend the weekend locked away in a hotel suite with him?

Lieutenant Colonel Jaxon Jackson had given his life to the United States Army.  With retirement hanging over his head, he had no idea what he would do next. Instead of making permanent life decisions, Jaxon decides he would spend his Labor Day weekend getting as drunk as possible but when he bumps into Raven at the airport those plans quickly change. A weekend with the girl who had been consuming his every thought, was something he was unwilling to pass up. If she agreed, he’d spend every second of the seventy two hours they had together committing her body to memory.

Side note:

The Colonel I Crave is my first military romance. Being in the Army for over 14 years, I have seen all kinds of love blossom within the ranks. These beautiful, ratchet, funny, and sometimes unpredictable love stories deserve to be told.

The men and women I serve beside will always have a special place in my heart and I believe there is no better way to honor them than to immortalize them through great love stories. If a soldier can read TCIC and identify with at least one character, I have done my job.

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