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Release Me

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It was the same thing every night. I would attempt to excite my husband in some way or another and he would turn me down in the same manner he generally did, without looking up from his computer. Nevertheless, he was my husband, so I was determined. I had been arranging and rearranging this moment in my head all day. He’d been working for the same amount of time so I assumed he was ready for a break.

I scoured my body down with warm body oil and slipped on my favorite pair of red heels. I then donned my red silk robe and walked down the hall in search of my husband. I found him in his office.

Typically, I wouldn’t have bothered him while he was working but it was only Thursday night, he had plenty of time to finish his sermon before Sunday. At that moment, I needed him.

“Daddy.” I called out in a low sultry voice. “She’s dripping wet for you.”

“Is that right? He asked, half focused, unconcerned; in fact not looking up from his computer screen.

The tip of his thick brown framed glasses were clenched between his teeth and he was clearly in profound idea. As always, his work had the majority of his consideration, yet I planned to steal it when I dropped my robe.

I sashayed over to the small table which stood in the left corner of the room facing the street and trailed my left finger down my body from the base of my neck to the focal point of my belly button. I immediately got lost in the memories of the first time we made love. I never had to seduce Lonnie. Took me maybe two or three minutes to get him out of his clothes back then. Now we’re going on two or three months without any sexual interaction at all.

Still not able to break his focus, I connected my phone to the speaker that sat on the table. Switching from my gospel playlist, I let the sweet melodies of Keith Sweat fill the room. I knew I was a little different from the other preacher’s wives but I never asked to be the preacher’s wife. On top of that, I was still very young and I was tired of Lonnie forgetting just how young I was.

The soft melody of Keith Sweat’s voice filled the room and my husband finally got the picture I had been trying to paint for him since the moment I walked in. He just stared at me with his glasses still tucked tightly in his mouth. I’m sure he could tell by the look on my face that I was more than ready for something. Hell, I was more than ready for anything. It had been months since he had last touched me and my body was screaming in agony.

I knew marrying an older man would somehow have its drawbacks, but I had no idea this would be one of them. Lonnie and I never had a problem with sex. I was usually the one that would be begging to come up for air but lately he had been completely turned off by me. It’s like, he didn’t have time for anything outside of the church. I was getting so sick of it.

The music continued to play in the background as I poured us both a glass of red wine hoping to lighten the mood. Yes, I know, preachers are supposed to be all holier-than-thou, but Lonnie hadn’t been one for long. He got his calling a little over a year ago but didn’t become active until recently, after the passing of his father.

Not even concerned with the neighbors, I walked over to the opened window, practically naked, to close the blinds. My husband, still unbothered, continued his work as I placed the glass of wine in front of him.

After giving him the wine, I danced as sexy as I could over until I was directly in front of him. I twirled my hips in different directions, colliding with the beat as I gripped my own thighs. Ready to have him inside of me, I crawled under my husband's desk and began caressing his legs starting at his ankles and moving upward.

I felt his body relax in my hands but instantly tense back up as I reached for his zipper. Lonnie pushed himself away from the desk putting space between us. “I'm sorry baby. I can't tonight,” he said, dropping his hands down to help me up from under the desk.

“And you know what Lonnie, I’m just about done asking you to.” I ignored his helping hand and picked myself of from the ground. I attempted to storm off but he pulled me close, wrapping me in his big arms and placing my head against his broad chest.

“Akilah”, he sighed stroking my hair. “I really wish I could, but I just got so much work that needs to be done. I have a meeting with the deacon board tomorrow, I have to get these plans out for the program next week. Not to mention, I haven’t even finished my sermon for Sunday.” Lonnie continued rambling about all the work he had piled up but, honestly, I had already tuned out.

Not to sound insensitive but I was tired of being on the back burner. I needed attention too.

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